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ETWIE is the Center for Industrial Heritage in Flanders (Belgium), based in the Museum of Industry in Ghent.

Thousands of people are involved in this kind of heritage. ETWIE aims to bring them together, and to encourage, support and advise them. That's why, every day, the organisation works to expand its extensive network, which focusses on exchanging knowledge and expertise. That way, tools, instruments, devices and machines, but also applications, knowledge, techniques and artisanal skills are charted, researched and preserved.

Industrial heritage in Belgium?

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Toxic heritage

Asbestos was once commonly used in buildings, but did you know it can also be found in cultural heritage collections? Together with several project partners, we want to make heritage organisations aware of the hazards of asbestos in their collections, and advise them how to handle it safely. We’re doing this by creating a picture of the historical use of asbestos in Belgium and developing an asbestos knowledge database.

Kinderen aan het werk

Industrial heritage classes for children

Documenting technical intangible heritage

Intangible cultural heritage is literally everywhere. It’s the practices, expressions, knowledge and skills that communities, groups and individuals recognize as part of their cultural heritage. These practices and know-how are transmitted from generation to generation, are created and transformed continuously by them, depending on the environment and their interaction with nature and history.

At the university, those skills and practices are numerous. But often defined as tradition or just work, it’s not always future proof.

We have made a film on documenting histological slides in order to safeguard the craft.

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ETWIE is an active member of TICCIH Belgium.

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ETWIE is an active member of ERIH

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