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Gepubliceerd op 01/01/2020

ETWIE, from Flanders/Belgium, is recognised by the Flemish Government as an expertise unit for technical, scientific and industrial heritage and primarily focusses on its movable and intangible aspects. Thousands of people in Flanders and Brussels are involved in this kind of heritage. ETWIE aims to bring them together, and to encourage, support and advise them. That's why, every day, the organisation works to expand its extensive network, which focusses on exchanging knowledge and expertise. That way, tools, instruments, devices and machines, but also applications, knowledge, techniques and artisanal skills are charted, researched and preserved. Since January 1, 2018, ETWIE has been part of the Museum of Industry in Ghent.

At the helm of the ETWIE-team is coordinator Joeri Januarius. Together with Lieselot Cornelis, Robin Debo and Sanne Van Bellingen as researchers and part-timer Hannelore De Craene in charge of communication, the team shoulders several valuable projects to chart our industrial, technical and scientific heritage, to safeguard it for and share it with a broad audience.